Copac Collections Management Project 2: Reports

Final Report

Final CCM2 Tools Project Report 01082012 (PDF) provides an overview of the work undertaken and outputs delivered throughout the Copac Collection Management Tools Pilot Project that ran from November 2011 to the end July 2012. The final section looks forward using a three year horizon, outlining recommendations and next steps to facilitate advancing CCM Tools beyond the current pilot.

Copac Collections Management Tools Proposed Strategy: The purpose behind developing this strategy is to look beyond the current development project and to inform the sustainability planning for a prospective service that could deliver collection management tools to UK academic libraries and facilitate a broader vision: the development of a national research collection.

Case Study synthesis

Copac Collection Management Tools Project: Synthesis of the case studies (PDF) brings together the results of ten case studies using CCM Tools. These focused on three main areas of activity: stock withdrawal, collection profiling and decision-­making in conservation and digitisation.

Retention & Preservation

Final Report on Retention and Preservation (PDF) summarises the work on retention and preservation and sets out a series of recommendations which, taken together, would provide the framework required for a distributed National Research Collection of Monographs.

Proposed metadata framework (PDF) proposes a metadata framework based on MARC tag 583 and the associated vocabulary Preservation and Digitization Actions.

Copac Collections Management Project 1: Reports

Interim Report – 31st May 2011, (PDF) details the progress of the Copac Collections Management Tools Project through its initial and second phases. These principally focused upon the development of a prototype tool to support collection managers in the decisions they need to make around monograph retention and disposal and collection development.

Final Report – 31st July 2011 (PDF) provides a description of the work undertaken in the final section of the project. It builds upon the earlier work of the project, describes further technical development and subsequent testing of the prototype Copac Collection Management Tool. The development of the four use case scenarios produced in the Interim Report have been added to with a further two detailed in this report.