Announcing the Jisc National Bibliographic Knowledgebase

The new Jisc National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) is a development that builds on the long term success of Copac, providing a new platform for expanding the service to include all UK Higher Education libraries that wish to participate, as well as retaining and increasing the range of non-academic research libraries. This will offer a foundation with the potential for enhancing resource discovery and collection management services as well as developing new services to support libraries in managing their print and digital collections. Jisc has commissioned OCLC to build the NBK, in collaboration with the Copac team and others at Jisc, and we will be working with the HE library community to bring on board all HE libraries that wish to participate, as well as continuing to expand the range of specialist research libraries that contribute their catalogues.

Copac and Copac Collection Management tools (CCM tools) will continue to be maintained during the three year project to create the NBK and will be available to all service users as currently. As the NBK becomes established it is anticipated that Copac services, including CCM tools, will become integrated into the NBK, to offer functionality that utilises the expanded data set that the NBK will provide. As part of this development we will be looking to enhance existing services in resource discovery and collection management, as well as developing new services to support libraries in the management of their print and digital resources.

This is very early days for the project. The Copac team will be working with current Copac contributors over coming months as we begin to develop the new NBK. For HE libraries interested in contributing their catalogue to the NBK, we will initially be having discussions with HE library consortia to decide on the best way of widening the range of contributors. More details about data contribution will be available for individual libraries as the project develops.

For full details please see the press release:



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