Announcing the 2014 phase of the Copac Collections Management project

The Copac Collections Management (CCM) project has been underway for over two years now, and we are pleased to announce that Jisc is continuing to invest in our work, enabling us to keep the momentum going through 2014. The value of this initiative has been widely recognised by Jisc, RLUK and the broader community, who see clear alignment and synergy with related activities, and particularly the National Monograph Strategy.

Since January we’ve been working with the library community to develop and understand the potential of the tools, which were released to the RLUK community in July. This is enabling us to learn invaluable lessons in terms of how to take the tools forward into service; it’s also allowed us to work closely with RLUK to build a community of users from across the UK, who have participated actively in workshops and feedback sessions, and who have helped us understand where the tools fit in current workflows, or where they could fit, and how we need to improve functionality.

In 2014, we aim to build on our user base; we’ll be continuing to drive community engagement activity to strengthen the support, use, and overall sustainability of the CCM tools.  We’ll be undertaking in-depth user testing, and then revising the CCM user interface and tools to help us move forwards to a service-ready version of the system.  We’ll also be continuing to develop the business case for the tools in conjunction with parallel Jisc and RLUK activities.

A major determining factor in our success so far has been a highly engaged, supportive, and effective Project Board. They’ve helped us to ensure the project remains grounded in the current realties of library collections management processes, and also to identify and explore the potential for the tools into the future. Without their help at the workshops and agreement to help support new users, we would not have been anywhere near as successful in our efforts. We’re indebted to Brian Clifford (our Chair) and Michael Emly from Leeds University; Mike Mertens from RLUK;  Christine Wise from Senate House Library; Thalia Knight from the Royal College of Surgeons, England; Sandra Bracegirdle from the University of Manchester; Ruth Elder from the University of York; Gary Ward from the University of Sheffield; and Ben Showers from Jisc.

We look forward to continuing this collaboration in 2014!


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