Initial recommendations on metadata formats

Following the project workshop on retention and preservation in March, a preliminary report on the subject was compiled which discusses the main issues, identifies those questions requiring further investigation and suggests a strategic way forward which would help maintain the integrity of the National Research Collection.  

Michael Emly has now built on that initial discussion of the issues around metadata and developed a firm proposal based on the use of MARC tag 583 and the associated vocabulary Preservation and Digitization Actions.  Comments on the framework proposed would be very welcome – please email Michael directly at before the end of June.

What is interesting is that in parallel to the work of the Copac Tools Project, OCLC has been exploring similar issues in its Print Archives Disclosure Pilot.  This looks at how retention commitments for print journals – and the associated question of access to this material –  can be supported and shared through OCLC services (rather like our own UKRR).  The final report of the OCLC project has just been published and discusses the metadata infrastructure in considerable detail.