CCM Web interface

The CCM Web interface has been released to CCM partner and associate libraries; they are trialling the collection management tools in their current form, as well as considering their potential value in supporting a range of collection management tasks. Feedback from the initial testing will be incorporated into ongoing development to support further assessment through case studies, as well as use case development.

The CCM Web Interface has been developed through an iterative process in a collaboration between Copac and the project partner libraries. In the first CCM project a very basic user interface was created, as a proof of concept, to let the partners try out ideas and get a sense of what might be possible. This fed into use case development, which in turn helped guide interface development requirements. This UI was concerned with function rather than form and served its purpose, but needed the background knowledge of the participants to get the best out of it.

We have now turned the initial UI into something that is significantly more user friendly to support wider testing of the facilities. This new user interface is an adaptation of the Copac Beta test UI that was released for public testing in November 2011. By repurposing the Copac Beta UI the CCM project is benefitting from all the background user testing and development that has gone into the Copac UI, as well as giving the Copac development effort a wider impact.

The new CCM UI was released on Jan 27th for testing by project partners and there was a second release on 28th Feb ready for user testing by the new Associate libraries that have joined this phase of the project. As well as focussing on improved user friendliness we have also added some facilities; so at the moment the UI offers:

• live and batch search facilities, including library and region limit option;
• options to deduplicate result sets by ISBN or a range of other fields;
• Copac style record displays;
• pseudo-MARC export including collection information;
• result visualisation in various forms, including holdings map;
• data export for local use in collection analysis;

Whilst the current testing is underway we are reviewing and prioritising potential developments that have been identified by the partner libraries. Development will continue behind the scenes but we will keep the UI stable during the initial testing by the Associate libraries. Once this first stage of testing is complete we will bring on board development requests arising from their work for a new release of the UI.

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